The Walking Dead – Episode 101 – Days Gone By

When I heard that AMC was making “The Walking Dead” into a series, I don’t think I could have been more ecstatic about a tv show. I had been turned on to the comic several years ago by a co-worker who understood my love for horror, and zombies, and horror comics. I think he knew a guy who illustrated it or something. Anyway, it is a captivating comic series if you happen to enjoy your comics a little on the bloody side.  I definitely recommend picking it up. In fact, I’ll make it easy for you.


Now onto the series. The pilot debuted on Halloween, which was perfect timing. Because I had candy all ready. Oh yeah, and cause it was Halloween.  Having read some of the comic, there were a few “Ah yeah” moments in the plot, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary to be familiar with the comic first. My oldest wasn’t, and his only complaint was that there wasn’t enough action in the first episode. But c’mon…it’s the first episode. You have to allow for the story to progress.

In this first episode, Deputy Rick Grimes is shot on the job, back when everything was normal. He awakens from presumably a coma of sorts in the hospital after some major shit has gone down. The hospital is abandoned, ala Resident Evil: Extinction and 28 Days Later. The concept of waking up in the hospital to the zombie apocalypse has got to be one of the most terrifying scenarios in my mind. Zombie apocalypse is one thing. But in the danger zone, unknowingly? Ye gads! Bodies are littering the place. Shit is crazy. Not a living soul in site. Rick’s immediate thought is to find his wife and son (awww), so he hightails it to his house, encountering a half a zombie on the way. What is a half a zombie, you say? Well, the bottom half is missing…so…yeah…ew. It’s clear that Rick thinks he’s on some drugs at this point, cause while he is taken aback, it’s not the same reaction I would expect from someone seeing half a person wiggling around. I think I would have least cursed profusely and poked it with a stick. At least. Soon, Rick come across some real live non-zombies. Hilarity doesn’t ensue. But some straight up zombie action does.

Visually, I’m enjoying the effects so far. The zombies are creepy. Normal-moving ones, but still creepy. Especially the half zombie early in the episode. And Jack White zombie. He wasn’t so much creepy as odd. (Not really Jack White, I just call him that.) Overall though, I am so far pleased. It’s hard to call it on a pilot episode, but I’m pretty sure this is going to be all win.

Watch the pilot episode below if you missed it, and let this be a lesson to us all: Never bring a horse to a zombie horde, and avoid large cities.

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