All the cool kids are talking about their snapseeds these days. It’s like the new hipstamatic. Or the new instagram without the added social aspect.
Snapseed is an app and OS software for people who are cooler (and perhaps with more spare cash lying about) than me. Than I? Shoot.
Basically, it works in the following:
1) Take a bland photograph with less than stellar composition.
2) Tweak the hell out of it till it’s barely recognizable and can maybe pass as “digital art” depending on how many fans you have.
3) When you find an effect that you like, be sure to use it over and over on every picture.

I kid, I kid. Anyone that knows me knows I was far from willing to accept digital photography as true photography especially after all the post-manipulation done. I’ve come around in recent years; digital photography definitely is its own art form. But I also joked that with hipstamatic, any shot can suddenly look interesting (and I proved my point with a shot in a bathroom..eeew).

Okay, so the test. I took this photo one particularly foggy morning on my way to work.


It definitely has potential but could use a little tweaking to make it all BOOMfantastic! I pop that baby into Snapseed and just start messing around with focus and filters and I get this:


A little more eye-catching. A little more sexy. A little more “now”. (Don’t worry; I have no idea what that meant either.)

So it has potential to be a fun photo-manipulation app. I don’t find it as intuitive to use as camera+, but it does have tutorials that pop up as you open a new-to-you menu. But I was all like “Unngh…words” and prefer to go in guns blazing. I’m like the old west when it comes to app using.

Minus a cowboy hat. I should look into that one.

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