Running Log – End of Week 3

I finished off week 3 of 5K training. I already notice some differences in how I feel, mentally as well as physically. I’m not second guessing my ability as much. My lungs feel stronger. I’m finding the act of going for a run to be therapeutic.

I had a bit of a learning experience near the end of the week. I didn’t hydrate as much as I should have pre-run. I am getting into the habit of drinking water all day long, which is wonderful when I wake up four times a night (but I’m told my body will eventually adjust to that). On Thursday, I just wasn’t in the normal swing of things due to only getting about three and half hours of sleep and my water intake was pitiful. I started the run as normal and about 12 minutes in I felt the worst cramping in my calves. I decided to stop for a quick stretch, which ended up being a horrible idea. Stopping just made the exhaustion kick in on top of everything else. I had to think logically for a second – the only way I was going to get back to my car was to keep moving forward. So I sucked it up and got moving. It was a sad excuse of a run, but I completed it just the same.

Lately the calf pain has been different from when I first started out. I’m beginning to think it may be a matter of breaking in my new shoes. If I could get the calf pain to subside, this running thing would be easy. Stupid calves.

EXTREME Customer Service

User ME has entered room
Analyst has entered room
Analyst Rob has entered room
Analyst has left room

Rob> Thank you for contacting [redacted]. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Rob. Please give me a moment while I access your account.

Rob> How may I assist you today?

ME> Hi! I wanted to check on the status of my order. Order # is [redacted so you can't steal my cool stuff]

Rob> Sure.

Rob> I will be glad to assist you with the information.

Rob> Let me check that for you.

Rob> Please provide me with the name and address on the account.

ME> [redacted, duh]

Rob> Thank you.

Rob> May i know regarding what was this work order placed?

ME> You mean what the order was for?

Rob> No problem.

Rob> I got that.

Rob> As i see that there is a past due on your account.*

ME> It was for EXTREME INTERNET. Placed online last night when I was having not extreme internetting happening.

Rob> As you pay your past due on your account, your work order will be placed.

Rob> I got that.

Rob> TYhaks [sic] for your efforts, I appreciate that.

ME> Sweet. Then you will hit the EXTREME button? I’m imagining there is a button that just says EXTREME.

Rob> I understand your concern.

Rob> As you pay the due amount, you’ll get the services done.

ME> That wasn’t a concern per se…more like a question. But that’s cool. I’m sleep deprived and am rather enjoying this bizarro experience in english comprehension. As you see, I am being EXTREMEly patient. EXTREME INTERNET!** WOOO!

ME> Alright. I have actual work to do. Later gator.


*Don’t judge me…sometimes I forget shit like “pay the internet on time”. Or sometimes I make a note that I did pay it and then I get a surprise of no internet. Boo.

**So all last night as I’m trying to work around a dysfunctional internet connect, I found my self way too amused about the labeling of of their tiers as EXTREME. It reminded me of these guys:

Not About Dogs! But about running!

Recently, I have started a new adventure. At the insistence of my friend Kellie, I signed up for a program called “Sit-to-Fit”, which is like a team effort couch to 5k. I am here to announce that I am ridiculously out of shape. I am so out of shape that Sable gave me a judgmental look the first time I attempted to run with her. (If she was southern, I would have heard her utter “bless your heart”. That’s how judgmental her look was.)
Even though I’m out of shape and I run slower than really slow things, I am determined to keep going strong. I’ve noticed a difference between week 1 and week 2 already. I also may have wimped out on Week 1, Day 1 momentarily but I have not had a repeat of that moment.
I find that I actually do enjoy running even though I was always the type that claimed to need something to run away from first. Running away from my fat ass appears to be good enough motivation now!
I am now in week 3, but having a rough start thanks to a virus the husband was kind enough to share. I’m determined that I’m over the virus now. I’m pretty sure mind powers can overcome some stupid organism, or whatever viruses are classified as these days.
Aside from the usual stuff like form, the wonders of wicking material and the importance of fitted shoes, I’m learning a lot along the way. The biggest shocker is how much I enjoy doing this as a group versus going solo. I feel more motivated to keep pushing myself and don’t have that voice in my head trying to tell me to stop when I’m in the group. That self-doubt is completely extinguished with my fellow run/walkers. I always figured I was more of a lone wolf, but I really dig the team energy. Plus, there are wonderful coaches that point out when I’m doing something wrong.
That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the solo runs. There’s something to be said about taking a confused head of jumbled thoughts and heading to the trail to run. It clears things up real fast.


View from the trail.

I’m excited for the next several weeks and hope this is something I can continue to do and get better at. As long as I keep my own self doubts at bay and stay focused, that should not be an issue.


0.0 They call this the beginning of the journey. I like to think of it as an earless panda being held hostage and who won’t get his panda ears back unless I keep running. Whatever works, amiright??

All dogs, All the time

Is dog blogging a thing? I feel like that’s all I ever post about. I will rename this to “Thoughts About Dogs” if I don’t knock this off.

Every once in a while, when trying to get pictures of my fosters, my own dogs decide to ham up for the camera. Then I get a gem of a shot like this:


Sisterly love

We are a close family. Too close.

If my dogs ever run for political office, I have plenty of blackmail photos.

A Year in Fostering Rescue Animals

I’m taking a break from neglecting this site to share a retrospective look at my first year fostering animals.

Some people are hesitant to start fostering for fear of heartbreak when the animal gets adopted. I won’t lie, I’ve had my share of heartbreak. But then another group of puppies are dumped in a high-kill shelter and we step up to bring them in and offer them another chance at a good life. Yes, sometimes we want to adopt them ourselves. Juliet was, after all, our first “failed foster”. And we recently added another failed foster to our pack. (Chessie, a tortoise shell cat that loves the bar in my basement.) After a slight comedy of errors several weeks ago involving us taking in our neighbor’s dog unbeknownst to either party, we’re aware of how much more work four full grown dogs is. It keeps things in perspective.

Since I foster puppies, it can be hard at times. I’ve wrangled with litters of 3-4 puppies while handling my own 3 dogs, which looks comical at times.  Navi and Rigby are my two fosters right now and Rigby likes to wake me up at 5am to go outside. On one hand, I appreciate that he doesn’t want to mess in the crate. On the other hand, I wish his bladder was larger than a pea so I could sleep a little longer. Puppies can be easy to get attached to, but for the most part I have met all my fosters’ adoptive families and seeing how happy and excited they are to bring in a new family member dissolves any pang I may have. Plus, I have my own dogs and cats to cuddle and love on.

But there were some awfully cute puppies in my house over the last year.

Elliot Sudal Wrestles Sharks, Creates Greatest News Story Ever

The headline reads:

Shark wrestler becomes most famous man from Nantucket outside a limerick


How could you not be intrigued already? I used to think headlines like “Miley Cyrus Wears Pants” were fantastic, but this one puts those to shame. It’s heartfelt. And real. The American story. Man moves from Florida to Nantucket and wrestles sharks on the beach. Wait, you mean that’s not the American dream? Dammit!

You can read the whole article here:  Here is my favorite part:

“I get back half a bluefish. It’s got the stereotypical shark bite out of it,” he said.

So he threw it back in the water, hoping to lure the predator back. Within a minute, the shark came back to finish its meal.

That’s when Sudal jumped into the water to grab a wrestling partner.


First off, “stereotypical shark bite” is way funnier than it probably should be. I’ve also decided that if I ever have a band, Stereotypical Shark Bite would be a top contender for a name. I have to learn to play an instrument first, but that is besides the point. Anyway, so Elliot Sudal sees the fish has a shark bite out of it, and his immediate thought is “Let me go wrestle some of that!”? I’d say I question his sanity, but really, who am I to judge here on one’s common sense or lack thereof? It’s not like I am known for making solid decisions void of emotion. Even so, if I saw a shark swimming around that close to me, I would probably never go in the ocean again. (I have this thing with bull sharks.)

The CNN article has also produced the greatest comment exchange ever:

It is a little known fact that "The Count of Monte Cristo" is actually a metaphor for shark wrestling

It is a little known fact that “The Count of Monte Cristo” is actually an extended metaphor for shark wrestling.

Bull shark phobia aside and the fact that I positively love the movie “Jaws”, I’m actually very much a shark conservationist. So much so that I don’t go into the ocean to get bit by bull sharks! Ha! Seriously though. Elliot Sudal does return the sharks into the ocean and claims the sharks are not injured or harmed, but I still cannot condone seemingly harmless shark wrestling. It’s disrespectful to the animal, at the risk of sounding like a new age hippy. I worry that a bunch of morons are going to decide to take up shark wrestling too and that’s just not good for anyone.

Inspired by this story, I’ve created a tee design available for sale on Zazzle:

I don't have a watermark so I wung it. Wang it? Winged it?

I don’t have a watermark on hand so I wung it. Wang it? Winged it? Yeah, that.

Get the shirt and just look like you wrestle sharks. No one would be any the wiser. And the sharks would be much happier with you pretending to wrestle sharks versus you attempting to. Unless it’s a bull shark. The bull shark is probably like “BRING IT ON. I DARE YOU TO WRESTLE ME. IMMA EAT YOU HAHAHA!”*

*Bull sharks are assholes. It’s a scientific fact. Google it.


A 2am conversation with Sable

Sable: Mom…mom…mom…mom…MOM…MOM. MOM! MOM MOM MOM MOM!
Me: For crying out loud, WHAT??
Sable: Hi Mom.
Me: Hi..go back to sleep!
Sable: Mom?
Me: …what?
Sable: Whatcha doin?
Sable: But I missed yooooooou.
Sable: ….fiiiine.
(a few mins pass)
Me: Sigh.